Live data feeds give you the data during practices

Access your swimmer's splits and stats on any device

Customize to view the stats important to you


Create and view practice easily on any device

Share or sell training plans online

Create a roster to manage your swimmers


Real-time analytics empower quantitative decisions

View/Compare a swimmer's past performance

View detailed results to improve practices

The only device that collects, computes and transmits

accurate split times for each swimmer - while they are in the water!

Drop The Watch

Viewing a created or shared practice

Sick of spending your whole practice writing down splits and swim times? No more pen and paper notekeeping for you!

EZCoaching allows you to wirelessly and instantly track your swimmers in real time, freeing up your attention to focus on all your athletes. All this data is stored on your computer, tablet or phone, allowing you access from anywhere on anything. Manage your swimmers, practices and season all in one place.

Assigning swimmers and practices to each lane

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